Debt to Income Calculator

Use the Debt to Income Calculator to work out how much debt you have in comparison to your total income. Enter your monthly mortgage payment - or if you are renting rather than paying off the mortgage on a property, you can substitute this for your monthly rent payment - followed by the monthly financial commitment required for your car, credit card repayments and any other regular debt repayments. Then enter your monthly income after tax. Clicking 'calculate' will then give you the debt to income ratio.

What's my debt to income ratio?

If your debt to income ratio is 1.0 or more, this means that all of your income is currently being taken up paying for your accommodation and your debts, and that you should take immediate action to prevent your debts spiralling out of control.
  • Do some research to find out whether you could remortgage to a better deal to reduce your monthly repayments.
  • Look at whether you really need your car, perhaps you could share the daily commute with your partner, a friend or a colleague? Then look at how you could be reducing your monthly credit card repayments by moving your balance to a provider offering a more competitive interest rate.

If the Debt To Income Calculator is a wake-up call, you should also consider requesting a callback from a debt specialist to work out how you could pay off your debt more effectively.

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