Rate Calculator

Determine your rate of repayment on a loan

Use the rate calculator to work out how much you are going to have to spend on your monthly repayments if you take out a personal loan. Firstly enter the amount of the loan that you want to take out, then enter the number of years for which you want the loan – and note that you are likely to get a better rate of interest if you take a loan out over a longer period of time - and the interest rate. If you're comparing different loans that are available in the market, you should use the APR (or annual percentage rate of change) as the basis for comparison, as this will take all the other charges into consideration.

The rate calculator should be used as a starting point for your loan research rather than as the deciding factor, as there are many variables to take into account. For example, is the loan company going to charge you a fee if you repay the loan ahead of the pre-agreed end point? It's a good idea to consult a loan specialist to find a product that matches your circumstances and ensure that you are actually able to afford the repayments on the loan. Once you have used the rate calculator, click on the link below to request a callback from a qualified loan professional.

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